Innovation in employee experience with an immersive game

Team Building

In an escape room the players tighten ties and you can see the most cooperative and delivered version of the equipment.

Internal Communication

Communicating through experience ensures that your message is understood and remembered more. Doing is more than listening!

Selecting People

Innovate in the process including a game of skill and ability where you demonstrate leadership and pressure management.


The learning of knowledge and skills through dynamics and games increases the motivation of the collaborator.

Team Building

Escape rooms are an innovative activity that promotes the culture of teamwork. It will help you strengthen existing ties and improve the working environment!

More efficient work teams

Challenging a team of collaborators accustomed to working together with an escape room generates new dynamics of decision making and roles.

More trust between headquarters and offices

There is nothing like a collective game to break the ice between people who meet once a year. With an escape room you will get all your collaborators to know each other better.

More united departments

Getting one or more departments to row in the same direction is easier when there are close personal ties between collaborators and you motivate them with a collective activity such as a room escape.

Team culture throughout the organization

An escape room in a corporate event can help you convey the culture and values of work across the organization.

Internal Communication

The escape rooms are a new presential channel with integrated gammaification, which makes the collaborators predisposed to make what you are going to communicate more attractive to them.

Sense of belonging

Involve your team in a unique experience and make them feel part of the objectives and values of the company.

Share the successes

An exceptional achievement should not be reported in a conventional manner. It increases the feeling of success and reinforces the professional confidence of your team.

Large Format Presentations

Informing about the strategy or presenting a new product with an escape room makes your information arouse interest among your collaborators and they remember it.

Motivation and disconnection

Improve the performance and motivation of your collaborators with a different and innovative activity. Take advantage of such a fun activity for employees to break their routine and disconnect.

Listen to the collaborator's voice

An escape room can be a very effective tool to obtain sincere and natural feedback from collaborators about new products, changes in processes, etc.

Selecting People

In your selection process based on Assessment Center techniques, evaluating your candidates through the game reduces tensions, allows you to identify their qualities more naturally and improves the results of the selection process.

Business Case

A good recreation of the hypothetical situation of the company in the Business Case brings the decisions of the collaborator to a real experience.

Managament Audit

Make your employee experience the emotions and tensions of the job in the Managament Audit and discover if they have the expected potential to lead.

Individual/group interviews

Don’t limit yourself to a conventional interview, get to know your collaborators more deeply by observing them and discovering their social skills.

Role Playing

A good recreation of the business environment of the company in the Role Play will help the collaborator to believe the character and to act as such.

Experiential training

Adults adopt knowledge in the same way that children do: with direct experience.

Create a memory

Everything we experience in the first person creates in us a much more defined memory than the conventional training system.

Generates impact

Experience enables the analysis and conceptualization of concepts, skills or attitudes. The greater the impact that the experience produces in the collaborator, the greater the learning force achieved.

Empowers knowledge

The recreation of hypothetical situations of the company will make the collaborator live a real experience and allow him to act, observe and learn from it.



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