We design immersive games based on your brand where the client lives a unique experience

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Take advantage of this opportunity

We design the escape experience of your brand focused on the context and objectives of your communication actions.

Product launch

Can you imagine an escape room where your most loyal customers discover in first person what your new product will be?

Brand communication

Some customers may not remember your advertisements, but they will remember what your brand made them feel like in an escape room.

Corporate events

Take advantage of the fact that you bring your clients together to remember you as an innovative brand to enjoy their time with.

Internal brand

Get your internal collaborators also admire and want the brand to loyalty and turn them into true ambassadors.

Viral actions

An escape room is the perfect provocation for your clients to share their experience with your brand in their social networks.

Shopping experience

A transaction can be made online, revolutionize your physical store to become a space for interaction with the brand.

“A traditional communication action is diluted among the thousands of impacts we receive daily. Enclosing the customer with the brand for 1h can have a much greater return.” – Víctor Costa, Cofounder Simulacre Vuit.

Why invest in emotions?

Emotion-based brand experiences have more impact on future customer behaviour.

  • Increased brand awareness and recognition
  • Generation of brand empathy
  • Direct effect on the NPS: increase in the rate of promoters
  • Consolidation of brand positioning
  • Increase in the average purchase ticket and the share of wallet
  • Increase in direct recommendation
  • Generation of content with viral potential
  • Feeling of belonging to the brand community
“In an escape room the client can solve the riddles and escape from the room, but never escapes from living an intense and integral experience with the brand” – Marga Parrilla, Cofounder Simulacre Vuit

Unique Methodology

We design an escape experience where players can experience first-hand the history, values, products, etc. of your brand. Our brand experience design model is in continuous improvement thanks to our collaboration with Diferentis, a specialist customer experience consultancy.